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A theological analysis of African proverbs about women : with reference to proverbs from Gikuyu people of central Kenya.

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This dissertation on, "A theological analysis of African proverbs about Women with reference to proverbs from Gikuyu people," is set on the premise that there is a need for a new cultural hermeneutics that will move towards the deconstruction of the wrong attitudes against African women; that are experienced through some (African) proverbs; that have continued to misinform and misdirect the society. Seen from this perspective, the study boldly proposes that there is need to move towards conscientizing the society on the necessity for a change of attitude in order to redeem it from the typecasts that do harm to the society - which, ironically, includes the church of Jesus Christ in Africa. If the idea of the change of attitude is put into reality, then the society, the study urges, will have to uphold, create positive proverbs and dismantle the old ones, which are designed to distort a woman's image. This section therefore introduces the above contention. In conclusion the study recommends that African women scholars and theologians, together with the "concerned" men should publish books that will put to public domain the "newly" published and reconstituted proverbs and reach out to those who cannot read or write in seminars and in their respective communities. Otherwise, it would be defeatist to say that we are upholding some proverbs, creating new proverbs or dismantling some proverbs without engaging ourselves in publications that are geared towards re-doing the damage that is already there. In addition, the study urges that we should, make it a habit to severally quote the "new" proverbs in our speeches and in our publications - in our endeavour to bring a new community of men and women where the lion and the goat will sit together at a Kamukunji of interaction and genuine friendliness - and where none will be harmed or made to fear. In so doing, there would be no categorisation of goats versus lions - as all will be one people of God - reflecting the new humanity that will be created by the new cultural hermeneutics.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2005.


Proverbs, African., Women--Quotations., Proverbs--History and criticism., Feminist theology--Africa., Feminist theology--Kenya., Theology--Africa., Theses--Theology., Proverbs, Kikuyu.