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Exploring factors contributing to good academic performance: a case study of AET Level 4 at Fourways Community Learning Centre in Gauteng.

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The South African government made a remarkable effort by ensuring that all South African citizens regardless of their oldness attain education. Adult Education and Training (AET) is an important feature that measures the achievement of educational ends. Therefore, the successful completion of AET Level 4 together with the attainment of AET Level 4 qualification can help adults and out of school youth to set their goals and eradicate poverty. It should be understood that the main aim of education is to lead people into brightness, regardless of their age. Therefore, the issue of good academic performance cannot be belittled, if students are not performing well, they lose hope, become incompetent and are more vulnerable to the economic change. The study investigated factors contributing to good academic performance at AET Level 4. Literature engaged have found that teamwork, respect for adult learners, teacher commitment and good support structure are contributory to students’ success. In order to address the research questions, the study adopted qualitative and interpretivists’ inquiry paradigm. It employed systems theoretical framework which put forward an emphasis of seeing reality more holistically. Data were gathered through the use of three sources; document analysis, focus group interviews and semi-structured interviews. Data were thematically analysed. The study findings revealed many overarching factors contributing to good academic performance at AET Level 4. The study recommends AET Level 4 academic performance to be spotlighted and become a standing item in the academic board meeting.


Masters Degrees. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.