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Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS programmes in the motor industry in Durban.

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The HIV/AIDS virus has been acknowledged as being the largest threat to developing countries with respect to economic and social issues. There is a large amount of information available with respect to causes, treatment, and generalities pertaining to HIV/AIDS. The information available is relevant to many different types of industries. There seems to be little information available on the HIV/AIDS programmes that companies are implementing to curb the effects that the virus is having on issues like the loss of skilled labour, the drop in productivity due to absenteeism, the decline in morale and the immensely high costs associated with training and recruitment. This study aims to look at the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS programmes in the motor industry and the perception of employees with regards to these programmes. The automotive industry is one of the key contributors to the wellbeing of the South African economy. The sustainability of the organisation relies heavily on the skill that the organisation has, and the ability of the organisation to carry this skill into the future. The data collection for this research was conducted via a web-based questionnaire using the online research programme Question Pro. All questions were close-ended. Some of the more important findings include that HIV/AIDS awareness needs to be promoted more strongly in the organisation. Succession planning was observed to be inadequate in the organisation. Another salient finding was that management needs to make it more evident to the workers that they are championing the HIV/AIDS initiatives within the company. The key recommendations are that management need to pay more attention to the concept of succession planning, and to encourage the workforce to participate in the community outreach programmes, as this has a positive effect on the macroeconomic outlook of the country. There are a number of companies in South Africa which do not conform to the appropriate level of HIV/AIDS programmes and further research should be undertaken to explore the deficiencies of these programmes and recommendations should be made based on the findings.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2012.


AIDS (Disease)--Prevention., Motor industry--KwaZulu-Natal., HIV infections--Prevention., Theses--Business administration.