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Exploring pedagogical practices of Grade Seven Economic Management Sciences teachers in teaching Financial Literacy: a case study of three Clermont Township schools.

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The teaching of Economic Management Sciences in senior phase classrooms in South Africa,especially in grade seven, remains an under-researched area of work. This study sought to explore the pedagogical practices of grade seven Economic Management Sciences teachers in teaching financial literacy. The focus on financial literacy was largely driven by my observation, in related meetings and workshops that many of my colleagues were battling to teach this section. The study used a case study methodology in understanding the pedagogic practices of grade seven teachers, with Clermont Township being the case under exploration. Five participants were observed and each interviewed twice. The study found that the teachers adopt pedagogical practices on the basis of experience and subject area content knowledge. Those teachers with good experience and good subject content knowledge were found to deliver learner-centred, creative lessons, while those teachers without the experience and limited content knowledge relied on the textbook, and taught in teacher-centred ways. The study also found that, due to a lack of training on the relatively new content of financial literacy in EMS, teachers used the pedagogies that were most familiar to them. The study also found that teachers had challenges in teaching financial literacy due to the complicated language of financial literacy concepts, as well as a lack of resources in deprived schooling communities.The study concludes by suggesting more large scale and contextually varied studies on the subject, given the relatively limited knowledge available on the subject. The study also calls for the capacitation of teachers in order to teach financial literacy in morecreative and impactful ways.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.