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The impact of job satisfaction on staff productivity amongst the staff at Scott Bader South Africa.

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The South African economy was virtually stagnant over the last five years and the government expenditure did not achieve the desirable economic objectives. The domino effect of this failure has created an uncertain and volatile business environment which threatened the existence of many organisations in South Africa. Early in 2018, Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as the new President of South Africa and his primary focus to date is on the revival of the country’s economy. Job satisfaction is arguably a crucial key that can unlock the productivity potential of human capital in an organisation. In view of the above, aim of this study is to assist Scott Bader South Africa to identify the facets that influence job satisfaction and staff productivity, as well as to associate a relationship between job satisfaction and staff productivity. The quantitative research methodology was adopted for this study, whereby the entire population of Scott Bader was surveyed. The relevant concepts or facets of job satisfaction and staff productivity were identified through a concise literature review. A correlation analysis showed that the satisfaction with the line manager leadership, satisfaction with recognition, as well as satisfaction with remuneration, was the main facets associated with job satisfaction. All the facets of job satisfaction that were reviewed in this study illustrated a slight to moderate positive relationship with the overall job satisfaction of the employees. Similarly, the ability to work independently, employee input and working in a safe environment, were also found to be the top ranked facets that influence staff productivity, while all the facets of staff productivity indicated a slight to moderate positive relationship with the overall staff productivity. The results from the research study yielded a moderate and positive relationship between job satisfaction and staff productivity through a multiple linear regression analysis. Based on these findings, it was suggested that Scott Bader South Africa should consider these facets and ensure that the human capital component (job satisfaction) of productivity is incorporated to overall local strategic plan of the company


Master’s Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.