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An Investigation into the factors Influencing consumer perceptions of the no name brand food items.

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In South Africa, Store brands are sold throughout retailers in the country and categories are widespread - from beverages (milk, coffee, water, etc); including most confectionary categories; most household and toiletry categories; and from premium brands, to the more cost effective. Compared to the U.S and Europe, the South African market for store brands is not well developed; however, there are still mega opportunities in the own brand category, as the market is far from being saturated. Even though South African retailers are utilizing own brands as a means of differentiation, some studies are also indicating the lack of well tuned major store brand strategies and own brands were not perceived as of value by consumers as well. Therefore, this study is undertaken to establish a greater insight into consumer perceptions toward The No Name Brand food items by investigating the influence of selected economic, psychosocial and demographic variables. Without a solid understanding of the consumer, the available growth opportunities in the store brand category are likely to be missed.For retailers to take advantage of the opportunities in the store brand category a greater understanding of consumer behaviour is required. For that purpose, relevant theories and concepts of consumer behaviour are included in the literature review for the study.


Thesis (MBA)- University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2004.


No name brands., Product management--No name brands., Theses--Business administration.