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Determination of brand loyalty amongst South African petrol consumers.

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More and more South Africans buy cars on a daily basis. They therefore join a group of existing petrol consumers. The aim of this research was to establish the existence of brand loyalty amongst South African petrol consumers. The approach of the research was based on two measurements used in the definition of brand loyalty. There is no one definition of brand loyalty as indicated from existing literature. A number of the definitions refer to behavioural and attitudinal elements of loyalty. This study was largely conducted on this basis of loyalty. A total of eighty conveniently selected participants were interviewed in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Data collected using structured questionnaires was then analysed statistically. Findings of the research revealed that South African consumers are not strongly loyal to their chosen petrol brands. Several factors contributed to these results, such as the non existence of marketing strategies to create brand awareness. Recommendations to improve brand loyalty were provided along the lines of loyalty programmes as well as service excellence.


MBA University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2012.


Brand loyalty--South Africa., Consumers--South Africa., Consumer behaviour--South Africa., Energy consumption--South Africa., Automobiles--South Africa--Fuel consumption., Theses--Business administration.