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Factors motivating information technology professionals to become self-employed.

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The world economy and industry in turn is driven by technology and innovation at a rapid rate. Worldwide, the information technology (IT) industry is volatile in terms of turnover intentions of IT professionals The unemployment level in South Africa is high according to global standards. The option of contracting as an IT consultant or self-employment is a form of an alternate employment arrangement. This arrangement will benefit the unemployed in South Africa if they choose to skill themselves and pursue a career in self-employment in the IT industry. There are internal and external employment factors that affect an IT professional’s employment arrangement. Moore’s (2000) information technology employee turnover model was adapted as a basis for this research. An external factor, entrepreneurship (self-employment) was introduced to Moore’s model. This research also tests Moore’s (2000) model for its internal factors. The following factors, role ambiguity, role conflict, autonomy, perceived workload, fairness of reward, work exhaustion and entrepreneurship were formulated in the hypotheses to determine which of these factors influences self-employment in IT professionals. Information technology professionals based in Durban were the target respondents in the City of Durban. The survey questionnaire was emailed to respondents using Questionpro. The sample data was based on 123 respondents who completed the survey. The data was then validated for internal consistency using Cronbach alpha ratio generated by the SPSS (version 19.0) software tool. The quantitative research design was chosen. Frequency tables and Pearson’s bivariate correlation coefficient statistics was used in the data analysis phase. The research objective was achieved successfully and the following factors were determined, they are role ambiguity, role conflict, autonomy, work exhaustion and entrepreneurship. The IT industry is volatile with IT professionals constantly re-skilling themselves to be on par with changing technology and innovation that make them very competent and competitive as a result, these IT professionals create a market for self-employment.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2012.


Information technology--Job vacancies., Self-employed--Information technology--South Africa., Information technology., Motivation (Psychology), Theses--Business administration.