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The formulation of a strategy for a Japanese company to export used vehicles to the Sub-Saharan African markets.

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The wave of democratisation and economic liberalisation, which has shaped Africa over the past decade and a half has changed the continent and its business environment significantly. The costs of doing business are declining and returns increasing- in any language this is an environment worth investigating. Luis , et al 2006 This research investigates the formulation of a strategy, of a Japanese e-commerce company, trading in used vehicles, exported around the world from Japan. The research revolves around the strategy that Trust Company Ltd will embark on, in which they enter into the Sub Saharan Africa market, in terms of investment of people, infrastructure, and capital within the proposed markets, as opposed to their usual way of doing business, and that is the selling of vehicles on the internet, as had been done in the past. The proposed strategy is to install internet dealerships and make stock available in the decided markets in sub-Saharan Africa, where customers can purchase from these outlets instead of ordering from the internet, as had been done before in the past. The aim is to identify the strategy, and analyse its effectiveness, as well as the impact on the customer, and to research if this strategy is effective in creating brand awareness, as well as increase in sales turnover, and competitive advantage. This will determine if the change in strategy is viable. As there is no available academic literature on this topic, sampling is in the form of secondary data from questionnaires, as well as questionnaires to stakeholders, and the analysis of the data produced from these sources, through applied research. Due to the nature of this business and the proposed strategy it would not be feasible to draw parallels to other industries, as the dynamics are not similar. This data is also analysed in terms of academic modem business analysis methods. The intent here is to establish the direction of strategy and is effectiveness thereof.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2006.


Automobile industry and trade., Foreign trade promotion--Evaluation., Strategic management., Theses--Business administration.