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"Foundations" from workshop to classroom : an evaluation of the impact of the "Foundations" supplement.

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Due to the unique nature of South African public education, it is not always viable to invest in expensive, high maintenance resources. Out of this context the Media in Education Trust (MIET) sought to provide resources that would meet the need for low maintenance resources, even harnessing the power of the educator as a resource. In 1999 the "Foundations" supplements made their appearance, featuring in certain prominent newspapers. Towards the latter part of 1999 the years work on ''Foundations'' was packaged into the ''Foundations'' pack, which consisted of 2 books and a series of 8 posters. With this in mind this dissertation was initiated by the desire to evaluate the supplement and pack and its usage. The evaluation was narrowed even further by focussing specifically on participants of a workshop held on the usage of "Foundations". The dissertation was aimed at seeing if workshop participants were motivated to use the pack and whether these had become part of their teaching practice. During the course of this research the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Policy at the University of Durban - Westville was commissioned to evaluate two of MIET's projects. The opportunity thus presented itself for the research scope to be expanded. During the course of this research data was evaluated from a MIET workshop at Berea in Durban, a workshop in Vryheid attended and a workshop in Empangeni viewed. The majority of participants viewed the workshops very positively. The questionnaires given to educators at specific schools revealed that the majority of educators are aware of "Foundations" and attempt to utilise it in some form or the other. ''Foundations'' does have a unique place in classrooms throughout South Africa. What exists as an issue is the manner in which it is brought into the fore as a valuable resource.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Durban-Westville, 2001.


Theses--Education., Education., Workshops., Competency-Based Education.