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Organisational climate and employee job satisfaction in a government department.

dc.contributor.advisorSingh, Anesh Maniraj.
dc.contributor.authorRamloutan, Ashena M.
dc.descriptionThesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2011.en
dc.description.abstractOrganisations are constantly evolving and the importance of their human capital is regularly brought to the fore. More and more companies are investigating issues such as organisational climate and job satisfaction in an effort to find ways to retain staff and increase productivity. However, this issue is not just limited to the private sector. The public sector is also feeling the effects of low job satisfaction among employees. One of the major contributing factors to employee happiness is the organisational climate and the manner in which this is perceived by staff. While research has been conducted in the private sector there is limited research available on organisational climate in the public sector. The aim of this study was to assess the organisational climate in a Government Department and to discover if there is a link between organisational climate and employee job satisfaction. The objectives were to identify the perceived nature of the organisational climate in a Government Department, to identify the level of job satisfaction of employees in the Department, to compare the employees’ perceptions of the organisational climate to that of the managers and to identify those factors of organisational climate which impacted most on employee job satisfaction. A questionnaire was developed using QuestionPro and was distributed to employees of the Department. Seventy employees responded. Overall it was found that there was a negative perception of the organisational climate in the Department. In terms of job satisfaction, the majority of employees indicated that they were dissatisfied. However, it was found that managers were more satisfied with the organisational climate than the junior staff. Overall it was found that there is a relationship between organisational climate and employee job satisfaction. A number of recommendations were developed such as team-building exercises and recognition by managers of performance by staff, involve staff in decision making, issues need to be resolved timeously, and performance assessment needs to become less intimidating to deal with some of the issues identified. This study was limited in that it only considered one department in KwaZulu-Natal. Therefore, the results cannot be generalised to the public sector across South Africa.en
dc.subjectEmployee motivation.en
dc.subjectJob satisfaction.en
dc.subjectOrganizational behaviour.en
dc.subjectTheses--Business administration.en
dc.titleOrganisational climate and employee job satisfaction in a government department.en


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