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Church and poverty : possibilities for poverty eradication in the Thaba'Nchu region.

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This thesis concerns the role that the church can play in alleviating poverty in Black rural communities in South Africa, through a case study ofthe Thaba'Nchu community in the Free State Province. The thesis argues that the policies of racial segregation of the apartheid era impacted very strongly on the Black communities in our country. Blacks were dispossessed, marginalized and suffered greatly. It is further argued that the New Dispensation after 1994 did very little to ensure that the poor in places like Thaha'Nchu enjoyed a meaningful standard of life. Poverty has continued to be a large factor in the lives of the rural Black South Africans. This situation obliges the church according to its calling to make a difference in the lives of the rural poor communities such as in Thaba'Nchu. It is argued that the Church does have a contribution to make in development. When poverty and unemployment have entrenched themselves in the community, the Church locally and ecumenically have the capacity and the potential to wage war against the scourge. To combat poverty, a clearly drawn programme of action needs to be formulated. This research proposes a two-pronged strategy where first, hunger gets addressed and second, sustainable income generating projects are initiated to empower the poor.


Thesis (M.Th.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2002.


Poverty--Economic aspects--Free State--Thaba Nchu., Poverty--Economic aspects--Free State--Thaba Nchu., Poverty--Religious aspects--Free State--Thaba Nchu., Poverty--Religious aspects--Free State--Thaba Nchu., Church work with the poor., Theses--Theology.