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Managing change as a result of restructures within Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (Pty) Ltd.

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Abstract Diversify, integrate and synergise, are common words associated with businesses operating in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments. Profitability and long term survival is reliant on how businesses operating in global markets are able to navigate through this type of environment. Change is the one constant factor effecting all members of the organisation as a result of the movements and adjustment brought about by the company to meet the demand of operating in the VUCA environment and thereby ensuring its long term existence. The present research is aimed at examining how change due to restructures is managed within Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (Pty) Ltd and the impact that it has on the people in the organisation. The employees of the company were used as a sample for the study. The quantitative data collection method was used. A survey questionnaire was distributed to collect data from the participants. A total of 140 employees participated in the study. The results of the study found Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (Pty) Ltd did not carry out successful change management during the company’s restructure period. The results showed that management did not inspire employees towards change and did not involve them in the process of organisational change. The study further showed changes in the organisation had a negative effect on the employees. The management of the company did not emphasise employee satisfaction during periods of change. It is recommended that the management of Sturrock Grindrod Maritime assess their current change management processes and tools used to implement change. They should make concerted efforts in helping employees accept and embrace change as the company will reap the benefits of positive and productive employees. Keywords: Change management, employees, restructures, processes, organisations.


Master’s Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.