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The mission and the role of the Women's Manyano Movement in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.

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This dissertation is a study of the mission of the Women's Manyano in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, beginning from 1907 to 1997. It focuses on the barriers and successes this organisation has experienced during the years of its mission. It also examines the history of the formation and objectives of the organisation especially within the structures of the church. It attempts to analyse the reaction of the hierarchy of the church in order to understand why the organisation had no representation at executive meetings at the national level for a very long time. It will compare similarities and differences between the organisations that are within the church and the influence that it has on other organisations inside and outside the church. The organisation did not agree when the church called for the unification of all the churchwomen's organisations. Manyano saw this as a call to its downfall because they had no real similarities with other women's organisations within the church. Although the Women's Manyano is the largest in the church, her representation at national conferences was still minima. At the same time the church proclaim a message of Priesthood of all believers. Women's Manyano is the backbone of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Without such an organisation the church could not have grown very fast.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Durban-Westville, 2002.


University of Durban-Westville--Dissertations., Methodist Church--South Africa., Methodist Church--Clergy., Theses--Theology.