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Some Mal'cev conditions for varieties of algebras.

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This dissertation deals with the classification of varieties according to their Mal'cev properties. In general the so called Mal'cev-type theorems illustrate an interplay between first order properties of a given class of algebras and the lattice properties of the congruence lattices of algebras of the considered class. CHAPTER 1. A survey of some notational conventions, relevant definitions and auxiliary results is presented. Several examples of less frequently used algebras are given together with the important properties of some of them. The term algebra T(X) and useful results concerning 'term' operations are established. A K-reflection is defined and a connection between a K-reflection of an algebra and whether a class K satisfies an identity of the algebra is established. CHAPTER 2. The Mal'cev-type theorems are presented in complete detail for varieties which are congruence permutable, congruence distributive, arithmetical, congruence modular and congruence regular. Several examples of varieties which exhibit these properties are presented together with the necessary verifications. CHAPTER 3. A general scheme of algorithmic character for some Mal'cev conditions is presented. R. Wille (1970) and A. F. Pixley (1972) provided algorithms for the classification of varieties which exhibit strong Mal'cev properties. This chapter is largely devoted to a modification of the Wille-Pixley schemes. It must be noted that this modification is quite different from all such published schemes. The results are the same as in Wille's scheme but slightly less general than in Pixley's. The text presented here, however is much simpler. As an example, the scheme is used to confirm Mal'cev's original theorem on congruence permutable varieties. Finally, the so-called Chinese var£ety is defined and Mal'cev conditions are established for such a variety of algebras . CHAPTER 4. A comprehensive survey of literature concerning Mal'cev conditions is given in this chapter.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1991.


Algebra, Universal., Ideals (Algebra), Varieties (Universal Algebra), Theses--Mathematics.