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Learners' experiences of human rights violations.

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This study investigates the nature of teacher violations of a group of grade seven pupils' rights at a primary school in Phoenix, North of Durban. The South African Constitution and the Bill of Rights forms an integral part of Curriculum 2005 which was introduced among grade 7s at the study site in 2000. Forty pupils, comprising boys and girls participated in the Human Rights Learning Programme which was conducted by the researcher. Part One outlines personal and professional motivations for conducting the study, the critical question to be researched and the importance ofthe study. Part Two examines human rights and education, focusing on South Africa's obligations under international and national law. This is followed by an interrogation of the role played by democracy in bringing about changes and the effects of these changes on South African youth and children. Part Three describes the study site, the sample, the Human Rights Learning Programme, the methodology used for the collection and analysis of data as well as the ethical guidelines adhered to. Data was obtained mainly from pupils' participation in activities in the Human Rights Learning Programme. These activities included interviews with pupils, pupils' writings, artwork and worksheets. Using the data, profiles of pupils were drawn up highlighting the categories and nature of the violations experienced. This facilitated an analysis of the data. Part Four focuses on the data findings and analysis. Four main themes and sub-themes together with pupils' stories were examined: violence, racism, religious intolerance and sexual harassment. A reflection of some key findings and recommendations regarding the respecting of pupils' rights concludes the study.


Thesis (M.Ed.)--University of Durban-Westville, 2001.


Human rights., University of Durban-Westville.--Dissertations., Theses--Education.