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A feminist theo-anthropological analysis of the rape of Burundian women in the HIV context.

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The focus of this study is on rape in the context of HIV infection in Burundi. The study argues that there is an interplay between the rape of women and HIV infection. It recognizes that culture and socio-political factors create an environment that encourages the rape of women and young girls in Burundi, leading to HIV infection. The study identifies a number of socio-cultural and political factors contributing to the rape of women and young girls in Burundi. It argues that these traditional practices and beliefs are rooted in patriarchal structures within the home and religious institutions, which pose a challenge to an effective response to rape and HIV infection among women and young girls in Burundi. It, further, seeks to demonstrate that theological traditions created a negative perception of the anthropology of women and relegated them to a subordinate position in the church and society. In order to restore the dignity of women and young girls, the study presents a perspective on the theological concept of imago Dei, which emphasizes that women and men are both equally created in the image of God. This perspective argues that men and women must live in an equal relationship which must influence all aspects of life. This approach, centred on a feminist relational anthropology, aims to redress harmful socio-cultural and theological traditions that expose women and young girls to rape in the context of HIV infection.


M.Th. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg 2014.


AIDS (Disease) in women -- Social aspects -- Burundi., AIDS (Disease) in women -- Political aspects -- Burundi., Rape victims -- Burundi., HIV-positive women -- Burundi., Theses -- Theology.