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Post-merger management in the advertising industry : a Zimbabwean example.

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The Zimbabwean economy had reached historically low levels in terms of its performance. Coupled with this, the country's volatile political environment saw many once prosperous business ventures struggling for survival. One of the immediate options followed by many organisations was the undertaking of mergers with similar or related companies in a bid to ensure continued growth. Among the hardest hit industries by the economic decline was the advertising industry. In order to maintain its market dominance, the Ogilvy and Mather group of Zimbabwe (comprising Barker McCormark and CM & A) embarked on discussion with a smaller rival, Carroll O'Donovan Hardy TBWA. The discussions would culminate in a merger of the three agencies in September 2001. From the onset the merger was characterised by a series of staff resignation particularly from Carroll O'Donovan Hardy and CM & A. In addition, existing clients began to complain about the handling of their business. The study will examine the causes for these grievances and assess the impact of the group's post merger strategies aimed at consolidating the merger. It will examine the group's capability at maintaining the sustainable growth that was envisaged at the time of merger. An assessment of whether post merger strategies at Ogilvy and Mather Zimbabwe are successful in terms of their impact on employee and customer retention will be conducted. Based on the findings, a best case scenario will be mapped out so as to ensure Ogilvy and Mather maintain their market dominance of the advertising industry in Zimbabwe The next chapter will develop a theoretical framework for strategies aimed at successful post merger management. This framework will be used to analyse the effect of the merger at Ogilvy and Mather and provide guidelines on the best way possible in a post merger environment of its nature.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, 2003.


Consolidation and merger of corporations--Management., Consolidation and merger of corporations--Zimbabwe., Advertising agencies--Zimbabwe., Theses--Business administration.