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An investigation into the impact of NewsBoards communication on employee motivation at Altech UEC : a manufacturing company located in Mount EdgeCombe, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

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Communication is fast becoming an important factor that is used for connecting its employees to their organizations thereby allowing the businesses to perform efficiently and effectively. The purpose of this study is to examine whether the steps taken by the organization to improve communications with the shop-floor staff is effective and if such actions contribute to the motivation of such employees. Previous research shows that when employees of an organization feel part of an organization, their motivation to do more and achieve organization goals becomes instinctive. A study done by Badenhorst on internal communications at Altech UEC found that there were huge gaps in communication between shop-floor staff and management. The aim of this research will be to identify if these gaps still exist after some changes were made to improve communications at Altech UEC. Methodology- The application of quantitative research approach was used to explore the objectives of this study. A questionnaire was developed as an instrument to retrieve the data for this study which was divided into five parts and made up of 26 questions. A simple random sample of one hundred and fifty shop-floor employees, from various departments that made up the manufacturing sector, was selected from the four hundred and fifty employees. A total of 146 employees responded of the 150 selected, this represented 97.3% of the sample. Major findings- The study focuses on the shop-floor employees of the organization and their perception of the communication efforts taken by the leaders of the organization to close the gap in communication between the organization and its shop-floor employees. The study reveals that the method used by Altech UEC is an effective mechanism of communication. There is strong evidence that information sharing is taking place in the organization and that communication made through the news boards are effectively improving the situation between the company and the employees. The findings support other studies that suggest that effective communication plays an important role in ensuring motivation and trust. Recommendations - Based on the findings of the study it is recommended that more research is done to explore new ways of keeping employees motivated whilst building on the current foundation already established by the organization. These actions could help close the small gaps that exist. Activities such, knowledge sharing, leadership influence and HRM practise.


Master of Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2015.


Communication--Employees--Job satisfaction--South Africa--Durban., Communication in organizations--Employees--Job satisfaction--South Africa--Durban., Bulletin boards--South Africa--Durban--Communication systems--Employees., Theses--Business administration., NewsBoards., Altech UEC.