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An exploratory study on customer service in Fedics Food Service KZN.

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Ms Jennie Chua, President and Chief Operating Officer of Raffles International, Singapore once said that if "high-tech" represents the higher spectrum of industries in the manufacturing sector, then "high-touch" would represent the pinnacle of the service industry. "High-touch" is the art of service. It is the personal touch, the extra effort, the Attention and alertness to customer needs and preferences. Excellent service is both a skill and an attitude. Training equips our people with the know-how to provide good service. Excellent service exudes warmth and friendliness, not cold efficiency. Yet how many of our catering companies have reached that pinnacle? For our enterprises to stay productive and competitive in the midst of high business and labour cost, offering excellent service is one differentiating factor. This study was concerned with analysing the Fedics division of KZN, with special emphasis on the customer service. According to Strauss and Frost (2001), there are many trends that are apparent about individuals and businesses, which are important in developing marketing strategy that involves the catering industry. The research analyses the effects of buying behaviour and makes recommendations for the improvement of Customer service, which is an important strategy for any service related organization to survive and grow.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2006.


Customer services., Customer relations., Consumer behaviour., Theses--Business administration.