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Investigating the impact of incorporation of colleges of education into higher education on human resource management : voices from the field : research report.

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Colleges of education have recently been absorbed into institutions of higher learning. This has had a tremendous impact on the staff of these colleges who have undergone an exercise of re-deployment and have been absorbed into posts within the provincial department of education. The research project suggests that the impact will be felt at both universities and technikons as they are compelled to adapt to the changing face of teacher education in South Africa. The impact will also be experienced within the entire education system. This research project sought to identify the experiences of those persons who were affected by these recent changes. A case study methodology is used and five respondents allow their voices to be heard. Responses are elicited by means of a questionnaire and an informal interview. The data is presented in transcribed form and then analysed and compared. Of interest to this study is firstly, the degree to which a rationale for the rationalisation of colleges of education is understood by those affected. Secondly, the feelings and experiences of the respondents to the process of absorption are expressed. Thirdly, the respondents provide recommendations for future re- deployment processes and for those persons who might be affected by such re-deployment.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Natal, Durban, 2002.


Theses--Education., Universities and colleges--Mergers--South Africa., Education, Higher--South Africa.