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Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of condensed matter models.

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In this dissertation, we studied the generation of squeezed states induced by a timedependent interaction and the in uence of temperature on the strength of the squeezing in a condensed matter model. The model studied comprised two quantum harmonic oscillators, with a time-dependent, non-linear coupling between them. The in uence of the thermal bath on the non-equilibrium dynamics of the model was represented in terms of non-Hamiltonian thermostats and a collection of independent harmonic oscillators with Ohmic spectral density. The equations of motion were studied in the Wigner representation, which introduces a phase space description for the model. The representation of the system in quantum phase space allowed us to investigate the di erence between purely classical evolution and the relative importance of quantum corrections with respect to the dynamics. The dynamics was studied by means of computer simulation techniques. The numerical simulation of the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of both time-dependent and non-linear interactions allowed us to investigate conditions beyond those in recent literature [1, 2].


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2013.


Nonequilibrium thermodynamics., Statistical thermodynamics., Quantum theory., Theses--Chemistry.