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A study of factors promoting high teacher turnover at Mabathoana High School in the Maseru district in Lesotho.

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This study was designed to investigate "Factors promoting high teacher turnover at Mabathoana High School in the Maseru district-Lesotho". This is a church school situated in the urban areas of Maseru. This study employed a case study approach where the following questions were raised: What is the nature of leadership within the school, how are the relationships within the school as well as to what extent does the community around the school influence teacher turnover? The findings of the study revealed that the leadership did not seem to adequately involve sub-ordinates in decision-making. Moreover, relationships among teachers as well as between teachers and students seemed to be smooth, but relationships with the principal seemed to be not conducive. The community around the school did not seem to contribute to teacher turnover in the school, as it seemed to be supportive of teachers' activities. The recommendations of the study were that the Ministry of Education should review the Teaching Service Regulations in order to ensure that principals are trained in administration, leadership and management skills before assuming the position of headship. School leaders should involve teachers in decision-making to a greater extent through the use of teamwork. School leaders should ensure that teachers are adequately motivated at all times. This can be achieved through the establishment of co-ordinated staff development activities, provision of incentives and so forth. Teachers should be assisted to improve and strengthen the existing relationships Between themselves and the management, among themselves, between themselves and students as well as between themselves and the entire community are sound. They should also increase areas of school community interaction. This can be achieved through more staff development workshops, which will enhance their skills.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2004.


Mabathoana High School (Lesotho), Theses--Education., Education--Lesotho., Education, Secondary., High School Teachers--Employment., Labour Turnover--Lesotho., Teachers--Employment--Lesotho.