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Policy coordination in intergovernmental relations in South Africa: a case study of higher education institutions.

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The study looks at the intergovernmental ties between South African Higher Education Institutions and the government before and after 1994, up to the year 2020. Before 1994, the Apartheid government neglected and isolated the theory and practice of interstate relations. The Republic of South Africa's Constitution was approved in 1996, and it provided for the development of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework. The transition to democracy has resulted in substantial changes in the restructuring of intergovernmental relations and the redistribution of responsibilities across the three levels of government. The Intergovernmental Relations Framework of 2005 provided for the development of national, provincial, and municipal intergovernmental relations structures that foster cooperation among the three spheres of government. The Republic of South Africa's 1996 Constitution established government systems that encouraged collaboration and intergovernmental partnerships. But notably, these systems contain challenges that limit the achievement of objectives that must be met. After 1994, the South African government designed and implemented higher education policies that promote transformational aspects such as access, development, accountability, and quality. However, the higher education sector is still changing, and its institutions' effectiveness is not at the level it should be. Some institutions have failed to completely eradicate and dismantle the debilitating apartheid structures which impact negatively higher education institutions. Notably, these institutions must be able to lead in addressing regional economic difficulties; hence it is recommended that adequate policies and programs must be actively adopted to address the problems of institutional change and to improve both access and success


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.