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Women in the maritime sector in South Africa : a case study of the Durban unicity (specifically, the National Ports Authority and the South African Port Operations)

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This study is aimed at examining issues and concerns that relate to women in the maritime sector in South Africa and to determine the perceptions of employees, both males and females towards women in the maritime sector and women in management in general policies and programmes aimed at eliminating gender discriminatory practices are critically appraised. It examines international contributions, which are used to make comparative analysis with South African Port Operations and National Port Authority. Durban has been chosen because it is one of the biggest Maritime cities in the Southern Hemisphere and in the African continent. Women have been disproportionately represented in the higher management structures previously. This study therefore assesses how these past imbalances can be addressed; so that women can best enter and succeed in this sector, especially those who currently hold senior positions. The impact that gender equity practices have on human resources planning is examined. The study uses two broad research methods: the primary data analysis and the critical review of literature. A mail survey technique was undertaken with 60 subjects randomly selected. A stratified random sample was used to determine both male and female perceptions. Data was analysed using SPSS programme. Theoretical perspectives relevant to women and management concerns are summarised, that is, the psychological tradition, culturally biased perspective, the entitlement/empowerment framework, the bargaining approach and the feminist political economy perspective. An overview of the national dynamics in South Africa, especially in relation to affirmative action imperatives, and implications pertaining to women in management is also undertaken.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, Durban, 2003.


Theses--Business administration., Sex discrimination in employment--South Africa., Women transport workers--South Africa., Women executives--South Africa.