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Researching job satisfaction of employees in Durban.

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Business invests time and money to recruit, select and retain people who are a valuable business resource. They also strive to create good working conditions. Where employees are dissatisfied they resign, thus the organisation loses talent. In the light of the need to attract and retain skilled employees, organisations need to provide a good working environment. The perceived problem is that there are many employees who are not satisfied with their working conditions and environment and as such this research explores ways to retain employees by improving job satisfaction levels. By identifying reasons why people are not satisfied at work, this study will be of value to employers as it will help them retain scarce skills. This study investigated the impact of four dimensions which are assumed to influence job satisfaction; these are the physical environment, remuneration, team morale and career development opportunities. The target population consisted of one hundred employees, in various positions, based in the city of Durban. The questionnaires were distributed via email and some were hand delivered. The quantitative method was used to gather and analyse the data. The findings of this study conceded that physical environment and career development opportunities affect employee job satisfaction. Individuals accept employment from different institutions with an intention to grow both intellectually and to satisfy their esteem needs. It is true that money is needed to satisfy basic needs and ensure comfort; however people become cautious of the effect of the environment they are expected to endure on a daily basis on the quest to get money. The recommendations will be that management and employers must ensure comfort of the physical environment in terms of noise and the availability of equipment and amenities. Moreover management should ensure that on the job training, coaching and mentoring is encouraged so that employees stay abreast with technological adjustments brought about by globalisation.


Master of Business Administration in Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2014.


Job satisfaction--South Africa--Durban--Employees., Work environment--South Africa--Durban., Career development--South Africa--Durban., Teams in the workplace--South Africa--Durban., Wages., Theses--Business administration.