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Factors affecting the attraction and retention of teachers in the uMkhanyakude Education District.

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The purpose of this study was to explore the factors influencing teachers‟ attraction and retention in the uMkhanyakude Education District of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The objectives of the study included the following: to identify the factors that attract teaching staff; to identify the factors that retain teaching staff; and to determine the attraction and retention strategies that should be put in place in the uMkhanyakude Education District. The study adopted an exploratory research design using a qualitative approach. The researcher used a sample of 15 participants, and the purposive sampling method was applied. Data was collected using in-depth interviews, and was then analysed by means of thematic analysis. The findings of the study revealed that several factors attract teachers: availability of vacancies for teachers, good roads, community values, teachers‟ allowances, affordable cost of living, safety and social needs, decent learners, funding for teachers to further their education, philanthropic beliefs, and others. The study found that the retention of teachers is influenced by affordable accommodation, good roads, personal characteristics, infrastructure and service delivery, and a suitable climate. The study recommends that the uMkhanyakude Education District consider the hygiene factors that are necessary to avoid dissatisfaction among teachers, such as overcrowding in learners‟ classrooms and among teaching staff, as well as the motivators that contribute to teachers‟ job satisfaction, such as adequate and timely remuneration and fringe benefits, rural allowances, teaching materials, good salaries, performance-based rewards, and a clear vision of the uMkhanyakude Education District.


Master of Commerce in Leadership Studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2015.


Teacher turnover--South Africa--Umkhanyakude District Municipality., Teachers--Selection and appointment--South Africa--Umkhanyakude District Municipality., Teachers--Recruiting--South Africa--Umkhanyakude District Municipality., Teachers--Supply and demand--South Africa--Umkhanyakude District Municipality., Theses--Leadership and management., Retention of teachers., Attraction of teachers., uMkhanyakude Education District.