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Establishing a conflict resolution and mediation centre in Kigali, Rwanda.

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Conflict is an inevitable part of our daily lives, resulting from complex and often litigious society. In urban area like Kigali, where people struggle for the fulfilment of their basic interests conflicts are likely to erupt. Effective alternative are highly needed to deal with conflicts. This study was designed to seek how to establish a conflict resolution and mediation centre in Kigali with the aim of contributing to the search of peaceful and durable solutions to conflicts occurring between individual and community members in Kigali. The study examined the nature, causes, extent and consequences of conflicts in Kigali and the ways to deal with them. The research approach taken in this study was qualitative relying on structured interview, reviewing literature and documentary analysis around the subject. The researcher spent one month in Rwanda and got opportunity to engage a sample of participants to get their views. Twenty participants were selected in Kigali city and a ‘purposive sampling’ was adopted when recruiting them. Through interviews, participants responded to the objectives of the study. Informal discussions were also conducted with key informants to assess the relevance and the contribution of a conflict resolution and mediation centre. The findings revealed that there are a growing number of conflicts in Kigali with the pressures of urban expansion, their consequences are severe and their extent is considerable. The study showed a strong support of the initiative to establish a conflict resolution and mediation centre as way of handling conflicts in constructive manner. Finally the study suggested a variety of recommendations towards the Rwandan governments, to NGOs and Churches, globally requesting them to invest in the field of conflict resolution and especially to support the setting up of a conflict resolution centre as an office that can play a role of settling conflicts peacefully and effectively.


Thesis (M.Com.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2009.


Conflict management., Conflict management--Rwanda., Theses--Conflict resolution and peace studies.