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    The electromyography, electronics and sensory system for a mechatronics integrated touch hand 3.
    (2016) Mangezi, Andrew.; Stopforth, Riaan.
    This research presents the EMG, electronics and sensory system for a mechatronics integrated Touch Hand 3. This unique myoelectric hand was driven by EMG signals captured at the surface of the skin in order to achieve a more robust grasp. The research consisted of different configurations and types of electrodes to be used for an EMG device, with the research analysis of the different candidates to control the Touch Hand 3. In addition, the EMG experimental results to compare contact and non-contact electrodes were carried out to find a correlation between the EMG electrodes and an antenna. These results determined the number of layers that the EMG sensor will need to obtain the best reading in a patch-yagi antenna. Stick-on electrodes were used to monitor two muscle groups in the arm at the same time. Contact and non-contact electrode tests were conducted, which used a combination of the embroidery electrodes and the stick-on electrodes. The flexion-extension muscles were tested in the experiments, by letting each volunteer lift a 2.5 kg weight. The electronics and sensor system had to be researched, designed, developed and optimized to allow for a successful integration of the Touch Hand 3. The artificial arm is fitted with palpable sensors to read the object temperature, force, and vibration. A number of constraints were considered in designing the system including the modularity of the system, cost, weight, and its grip strength in comparison with the Touch Hand 2. The modular electrical system was designed to accommodate full control and integration with the mechanical system to form a myoelectric mechatronics prosthetic system to be used by the amputees more effectively in a quicker response.