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A study of the phenomenon of bridging of sugarcane bagasse

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This work reports the results of a systematic study of the factors that affect the bridging behaviour of bagasse. It shows that traditional bulk solids theory is inappropriate for predicting bagasse flow mainly because of the impossibility of obtaining a reliable measure of internal friction. It demonstrates the significant influence of fibre length and moisture content on its handling charateristics. Correlations of pertinent bulk properties such as compactibility, tensile strength, surface friction and translation of vertical into horizontal pressure have been developed. These were derived as a result of measurements in equipment that was designed for the purpose. Finally, an empirical model utilising these correlations is proposed by which the likelihood of bridge formation in any piece of bagasse handling equipment can be determined. The validity of the model is assessed by comparison with bridging tests that were performed under controlled conditions.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of Natal, 1996


Bagasse., Sugar--Manufacture and refining--By-products., Bulk solids flow., Bulk solids handling., Particle size determination., Theses--Chemical engineering.