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Acceptance of LinkedIn for human resources management: a case study in the construction sector in Nigeria.

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Many organisations have accepted social media as an important platform for keeping up with global technological developmental trends. LinkedIn emerged as a social media platform that is used by human resources (HR) professionals across the world. It is renowned for its ability to facilitate communication between HR professionals. The main aim of the study is to understand the perceptions of HR employees in the construction sector on the acceptance of LinkedIn software in performing HR functions of the organisation in Nigeria. The objectives of the study are to understand its acceptance based on the perceived usefulness, and ease-of-use as described by Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The study also explored the challenges associated with the acceptance of LinkedIn in performing HR functions in a construction company. An exploratory research approach was adopted using the qualitative method to get in-depth knowledge of the identified phenomenon. A case study approach was adopted for the study, and a construction company in Lagos, Nigeria, was selected. Primary data was collected from HR officers. Semistructured interviews were conducted by the researcher where ten (N=10) HR department officers of the construction firm in Lagos Nigeria, were interviewed. The empirical results indicate that LinkedIn is not widely accepted in facilitating HR functions in the HR department. The results also show that the perceptions of the HR employees on the acceptance of LinkedIn are based on how it assists them in performing HR functions. The results also indicated that the use of LinkedIn is not only limited by security concerns, but by the lack of information, financial resources, required skills, and management buy-in. Furthermore, the results also show that the acceptance and use of LinkedIn for HR functions requires adequate buy-in from the executives of the organisation. HR employees must also be appropriately trained on the use of LinkedIn to perform HR functions and to mitigate LinkedIn security-related challenges.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.