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Residential satisfaction as an indicator of quality of life : a case study of Briardale-Newlands West.

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The issue of residents' satisfaction with their dwelling units and their neighbourhoods is one of the growing interests in many arenas. The aim of this dissertation was to examine the quality of life of residents in Briardale, Newlands West. The prime intention was to investigate the influence of various life domains on quality of life of the sample populations. The sample population was stratified into three groups, viz. Dwellers in single cottages, semi-detached and duplex units and the flats sector. It has been revealed in the final analysis that neighbourhood deficits influenced neighbourhood satisfaction. It was further established that in addition to dwelling and neighbourhood deficits, socio-economic characteristics influenced the quality of life of residents. The flat dwellers were dissatisfied with their environment and being renters, this influenced their quality of life. Unemployment was highest among this sector. The salient reason for dissatisfaction amongst most residents was the lack of recreational and entertainment facilities, cultural and neighbourhood organizations and the poor quality of the flats and duplex units. The greatest degree of interaction with the neighbours was amongst the flat dwellers and the lowest level of community participation was also among this group. The residents had no confidence in the local civic groups since these groups had done very little in the last decade to improve their quality of life. A great degree of dissatisfaction arose because none of the residents were consulted about their housing needs prior to occupying their dwellings. In spite of the dissatisfactions expressed, most of the residents preferred to remain in this area because of its easy accessibility. In the light of the above, various suggestions and recommendations are tendered in the hope that all stakeholders (planners, policy makers, civic movements and consumers) can utilize this information to improve the quality of life of all residents in the country.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Durban-Westville, 1996.


Quality of life., Housing policy., Human services., Social values., Theses--Geography.