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Environmental impact assesment [sic] for mining activities in Tanzania : legal analysis.

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In this study, an analysis of laws pertaining to environmental protection in the mining in Tanzania is done. The study develops understanding of various environmental laws and institutions for the purposes of setting context and clarity for the subsequent chapters. The major discussion evolves around environmental protection offered in Tanzania mining and investment laws. In understanding this, a detailed discussion of coverage of environmental issues in the Tanzania Mining Act, 5 of 1998 and the Tanzania National Investment Act, 26 of 1997 is made. After this discussion, the recommendations are given. Despite Tanzania mining, especially large-scale mining being one of the main growing industries in Tanzania, it is concluded that environmental management in mining has been hindered by inadequate legal protection, lack of coordination, insufficient funding and expertise. As a result there has been uncontrolled extraction of minerals and the use of unsafe mining methods and severe environmental damage and appalling living conditions in the mining communities. The challenge associated with the mining sector today in Tanzania is ensuring sustainability and integrating environmental and social concerns into mineral development programmes. Sustainable mining development requires balancing the protection of the flora and fauna and the natural environment with the need for social and economic development. To address the environmental problems associated with mining, the Government's policy is to reduce or eliminate the adverse environmental effects of mining, improve health and safety conditions in mining areas, and address social issues affecting local communities. EIA is recommended as one of the major tools for achieving these solutions and has been discussed.


Thesis (LL.M.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2005.


Theses--Law., Mineral industries--Law and legislation--Tanzania., Mineral industries--Tanzania--Environmental aspects., Environmental law--Tanzania.