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'n Ondersoek na aspekte van 'n sistemiese beskrywing van Afrikaans.

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Modern lingusitics consist of several schools of thought with diverse approaches. The Systemic School consists of a group of linguists who primarily study language within the social context. They thus have an interpersonal approach. This approach within British Linguistics originated in the work of Malinowski in the twenties. In the sixties it was M.A.K. Halliday in particular who gave direction to this approach by placing it within a more scientific theoretical framework. In the seventies Systemic Linguistics developed in a generative direction. This development led to several generative models, and, eventually, to Fawcett's divergence from the existing school to an intrapersonal approach which approximated some of Chomsky's views. The historical background and development of Systemic Linguistics is outlined briefly in the first three chapters of the thesis. The specific variation of the Scale and Category model that is used in chapters 4 and 5 to describe aspects of Afrikaans grammar is also explained. This description of aspects of Afrikaans grammar indicates that, in respect of surface grammar, the Scale and Category model does not contribute much to the existing descriptions of Afrikaans within other theoretical frameworks. In respect of the deep grammar, on the other hand, the systemic approach has been shown to be a gain. It illustrates interesting underlying differences between clauses, and offers a wide field of research into Afrikaans. The last chapter of the thesis is an evaluation of the advantages and weaknesses of the Scale and Category model, as well as aspects of Systemic Theory in general. Practical applications of Systemic Grammar are indicated, and research possibilities in respect of a systemic description of Afrikaans are identified. Systemic Linguistics has its strong points and weak points . Because of their specific view on the language phenomenon, the systemicists' approach is, in my opinion, a very fruitful way to study language. Because of the growing influence of Systemic Linguistics on English Linguistics, it can no longer be ignored. This thesis, amongst other things, attempts to contribute to the introduction of Systemic Theory to Afrikaans Linguistics.


Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of Natal, Durban, 1986.


Afrikaans language--Grammar., Theses--Afrikaans en Nederlands.