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A review of progress on HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis.


As a United Nations member state, South Africa is signatory to the Millennium Declaration and is committed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and targets for 2015. This chapter provides an overview of the status of South Africa’s response to MDG 6 with a specific focus on the progress made to date with respect to HIV and tuberculosis (TB) – two intertwined epidemics contributing disproportionately to morbidity and premature mortality in South Africa. These epidemics are also closely linked to MDG 4 and 5 outcomes. Any progress made by South Africa to reverse current trends will have substantial implications for the global MDG targets as well as country level outcomes. This chapter will use available evidence to document the status of HIV and TB in South Africa relative to the South African Ministry of Health’s strategy to address these diseases.



Tuberculosis--South Africa., HIV infections--South Africa., Aids (Disease)--South Africa.


Padayatchi, N., et al. 2010. A review of progress on HIV, AIDS and Tuberculosis. In: Fonn, S & Padarath, A.P. eds. South African Health Review. Durban: Health Systems Trust. pp. 87-100.