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A critical analysis of the legislative and policy response to protect transgender children in South African schools.

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The transgender community’s visibility has seen a global increase in the last few years. South Africa’s Constitution is praised for its progressive nature with the theme of inclusivity and equality echoed through its clauses. As institutions embodying the values of the Constitution, South African schools become pivotal spaces for fostering inclusivity and safeguarding the rights of transgender students. The study delves into the existing legal and policy landscape, evaluating its efficacy in addressing the unique slate of challenges faced by transgender children in schools. The study’s findings reveal strengths and shortcomings in the current legal and policy framework, providing insight into gaps hindering adequate protection. The analysis of South Africa’s legislative framework emphasises a need for a nuanced and comprehensive approach to address the diverse needs of transgender children with consideration for aspects of identity, mental health and social integration. This critical analysis contributes to the broader conversation on inclusivity and equality and highlights the necessity of proactive action to nurture a supportive educational environment for all students.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.