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Using a terminal switching exchange for computer peripheral sharing and other purposes.

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Several computers and several tens of terminals at the University of Natal are linked to a terminal switching exchange network known as NUNET, which is in fact part of a countrywide network known as NllNET. This thesis describes software that was written to enhance the usefulness of the network, particularly in the Department of Electronic Engineering. The enhancements include a simple facility to provide help to users of the network, and programs that allow various computers in the Department of Electronic Engineering to create and close network connections. The programs that create and close network connections are used to provide access to printers and plotters that are connected to the network and shared by several computers. Access to peripherals through the network has been integrated into existing printer and plotter driver programs on some of the computers, thus allowing the network to be completely transparent to the user. The same network access programs also allow connections to be made between computers for the purpose of file transfers.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1987.


Computer networks., Computer programming., Radio--Interference., Cell phone systems.