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Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile telecommunication services in Durban and Lagos.

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Telecommunication includes voice, video and internet communication services. Thus, mobile telecommunication services involve voice communication, video streaming, graphics and television services at high speed. Technology development in mobile telecommunication has enabled users to exchange data using cell phones, laptops and other telecommunication devices. More so, understanding the concept of user experience is very important in the context of provision of mobile telecommunication services. This research will evaluate the effectiveness of mobile telecommunication services in Durban, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria amongst first-year IT students of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Lagos State University. The research is focused on the actual experience and perceptions of first-year IT students. The study will examine the factors that influence first-year IT students' judgment of the quality of mobile telecommunication services. It will also access the impact of quality of mobile telecommunication services on the loyalty of first-year IT students towards their network operator. However, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is the theory adopted for this research, which explains how attitude of users determine the intention to use technology and the intention eventually influences the overall use of such technology. The objectives of this research highlight opportunities associated with understanding first-year IT students' experiences and perceptions of mobile telecommunication services in UKZN, Durban and LASU, Lagos. Other opportunities include giving an insight into the operations of network providers, determine the quality of mobile telecommunication services and understanding the impact of mobile telecommunication services on students in UKZN and LASU. Another significance of this study allows network providers to understand students' behaviour and to respond to their preferences.


Thesis (M.Com.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2011.


Wireless communication systems--South Africa., Wireless communication systems--Nigeria--Lagos., Mobile computing--South Africa., Mobile computing--Nigeria--Lagos., Data transmission systems--South Africa., Theses--Information systems and technology., Data transmission systems--Nigeria--Lagos.