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Effective operation through Total Quality Management : a case study of Feltex Automotive.

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For the past decades, manufacturers could sell everything they produced. Service organisation did not worry about the service they provided (Alarcon, 2013: 20). Today South African automotive organisations face many challenges including globalisation and high competition that requires a strong focus on quality and productivity achievement (Alfred, 2012: 58). TQM improves customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and operational effectiveness due to motivated workforce, management commitment, free communication, and total involvement (Andrew, 2013: 56). Nowadays, customers have become more sophisticated and knowledgeable. If the company does not offer quality good and service, the customer buys from the competitor. Moreover, when corporate customers start improving their own quality, they also expect better performance from the suppliers (Dale & Cooper, 2012: 65). The purpose of this study is to examine the operation effectiveness through TQM implementation in the automotive manufacturing organisation based in Durban. This is going to be achieved by firstly giving account of TQM philosophy to enables everyone to understand the meaning of TQM in an automotive manufacturing organisation. Secondly, look at the TQM principles that are important for a successful TQM implementation and lastly, determining the result of TQM implementation. The dissertation will obtain information by embarking on a quantitative research method and uses questionnaires to acquire reliable information. Random sampling will be used to avoid bias and ensure everyone in the population of Feltex can be selected. The dissertation will be valuable in the automotive organisations because it brings into attention the management aspects that require improvement. Furthermore, the dissertation may become a basis for TQM framework development for the South African context. The study reveals that TQM is an essential tool in the automotive industry in Durban.


Master of Commerce in Management. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2016.