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Implementation of a proprietary CAD graphics subsystem using the GKS standard interface.

dc.contributor.advisorPeplow, Roger Charles Samuel.
dc.contributor.authorDavies, Trevor Rowland.
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1989.en
dc.description.abstractThis project involved porting a Graphical Software Package (GSP) from the proprietary IDS-BO Gerber CAD system onto a more modern computer that would allow student access for further study and development. Because of the popularity of Unix as an "open systems environment", the computer chosen was an HP9000 using the HP-UX operating system. In addition, it was decided to implement a standard Graphical Kernel System (GKS) interface to provide further portability and to cater for the expected growth of the GKS as an international standard. By way of introduction, a brief general overview of computer graphics, some of the essential considerations for the design of a graphics package and a description of the work undertaken are presented. Then follows a detailed presentation of the two systems central to this project i) the lDS-8O Gerber proprietary CAD system, with particular attention being paid to the Graphical Software Package (GSP) which it uses and ii) the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) which has become a widely accepted international graphics standard. The major differences between the lDS-8O Gerber GSP system and the GKS system are indicated. Following the theoretical presentation of the GSP and GKS systems, the practical work involved in first implementing a "skeleton" GKS interface on the HP9000 Unix System, incorporating the existing Advanced Graphics Package (AGP) is presented. The establishment of a GKS interface then allows an lDS-8O Gerber GSP interface to be developed and mapped onto this. Detailed description is given of the methods employed for this implementation and the reasons for the data structures chosen. The procedures and considerations for the testing and verification of the total .system implemented on the HP9000 then follow. Original lDS-8O Gerber 2-D .applications software was used for the purpose of testing. The implementation of the data base that this software uses is also presented. Conclusions on system performance are finally presented as well as suggested areas for possible further work.en
dc.subjectHp9000 (Computer).en
dc.subjectComputer graphics.en
dc.subjectSoftware compatibility.en
dc.subjectUnix (Computer file).en
dc.subjectTheses--Electronic engineering.en
dc.titleImplementation of a proprietary CAD graphics subsystem using the GKS standard interface.en


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