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A critical study of Elliot Zondi's historical dramas.

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The study concentrate on a critical analysis of Elliot Zondi's historical dramas, Insumansumane and Ukufa KukaShaka. The study constitutes an attempt to apply the theoretical approaches. The plays have been chosen only for reasons of my personal acquaintance. The whole study is divided into six chapters. Chapter one focuses on the general introduction. The general introduction will cover the aim of the study, research methodology, historical background of the plays, definition of terms and the biographical notes of the author. At the end of this chapter there will be a conclusion. Chapter two, deals with theme. The theme covers the following sub topics: title in relation to theme, the comparison between the theme and plot, theme and style, theme and dialogue, theme and characters, types of themes such as: theme of loyalty, theme of poverty, love, political violence and the moral lesson found in Elliot Zondi's historical drama books. Chapter three concerns itself with style and dialogue. Style and dialogue will look at the sentence construction, language, figures of speech, title and symbolism. Chapter four concentrates on plot and characters, which covers exposition, motoric moment, conflict, complication, tension, climax, suspense in the title, beginning, the middle and the end of the play, characterization, naming of characters, types of characters, kinds of characters and the development of characters. Chapter five deals with setting, which covers time, place and social circumstances. There will be a short summary, which leads to the discussion of the following chapter. Chapter six focuses on the general conclusion.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2001.


Zondi, Elliot, 1930- --Criticism and interpretation., Theses--IsiZulu., Historical drama, Zulu--History and criticism.