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The non-productive verbal extensions in Zulu : a study in derivational morphology.

dc.contributor.advisorDe Kadt, Elizabeth.
dc.contributor.authorShangase, Sibusiso Elphus.
dc.descriptionThesis (M.A.)-University of Natal, Durban, 2001.en
dc.description.abstractVerbal extensions are well-known to play a most substantial role in the derivation and/or inflection of verbs in contemporary Zulu. Less well-known and less well investigated are a group of verbal derivatives which in former times played a significant role in derivation but which can no longer be freely attached to verbal stems: the non-productive verbal extensions (NPEs.) This thesis seeks to present and discuss all aspects of these NPEs from the perspective of their persisting roles in contemporary Zulu. This is undertaken on the basis of an extensive collection of currently-used verbs derived by means of NPEs, which is presented in the Appendix. Chapter 1 locates the study within the context of verbal extensions as a whole, and reviews the literature, which has focussed primarily on those verbal extensions which are still used productively today. Chapter 2 presents the theoretical framework for the investigation, considering issues such as productivity, derivation and inflection, and some relevant aspects of the theory of derivational morphology, currently under development. The following chapters focus in turn on the morphology of the NPEs, their current use in combination with productive extensions, the most salient aspect of their syntax, transitivity, and their meaning. NPEs have become fully integrated into Zulu vocabulary, and are used on a daily basis with no awareness of their earlier roles. Nevertheless, as this thesis demonstrates, a study of NPEs can explain both certain regularities and certain anomalies in word formation , in transitivity, and in the meaning of extended verbs in contemporary Zulu.en
dc.subjectZulu language--Morphology.en
dc.subjectZulu language--Verb.en
dc.titleThe non-productive verbal extensions in Zulu : a study in derivational morphology.en


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