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Men's reasons for abusing their spouses in the Umbumbulu District of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Domestic Violence is regarded as an international public health and human rights issue. This study focuses specifically on domestic violence perpetrated by men against women. The research was located in UMbumbulu in the Southern area of Durban- KwaZulu Natal. The researcher used qualitative research method to obtain rich deeper interpretation of domestic violence. Individual in-depth interviews were used from availability and purposive sampling strategies which were used in this study to identify participants within the caseload of UMbumbulu Magistrate’s Court. Participants were purposively selected who met the criteria of being married men between the ages of 21-40 years and found guilty of domestic violence. This study focuses on the perspectives and attitudes of rural men on domestic violence within UMbumbulu area. This approach allowed for a deeper exploration and understanding of how men viewed violence against women in a broader context. The major themes that emerged from the study inter-alia were: Violence as an expression of masculinity, Patriarchal thinking - defining roles and duties of men, ‘She made me to do it’, Unemployment Masculinity and domestic violence, Unemployment, poverty and domestic violence, Interference from in-laws, Witnessing violence, Partner seeking assistance (private and family matter) It was clear from the study that many programmes were focusing on women and it is recommended that program focus on men as they are the perpetrators of violence. The study concluded that domestic violence is cutting across irrespective of age, education, religion, class and ethnicity. It concluded that men display forms of power and control, patriarchy. Based on these findings intervention programmes be implemented to prevent violence against women.


M. Soc. Sc. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2014.


Wife abuse--KwaZulu-Natal., Marital violence--KwaZulu-Natal., Abusive men--KwaZulu-Natal., Theses--Social work.