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Leadership dynamics in financial management for effective public service delivery in the Mandeni Municipality.

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Leadership is one of the key aspects that plays an essential role in ensuring quality governance and effective service delivery in local governments. In the past decades, following the end of apartheid in South Africa, the country has witnessed different policy and legal reforms to foster a viable environment for a thriving democracy and effective governance. This study reflects that, despite the various efforts, the local governments are still marred with different inconsistences in service delivery, infrastructural development, and the management of funds. Through qualitative interviews, the study explores the influence of leadership in service delivery and the financial sustainability in local governments. Focusing on the Mandeni Municipality as a case study, the research reflects on the challenges affecting sustainable financial services in South African municipalities. It further explores the different types of leadership, skills, and training services that various municipal leaders are exposed to. It then analyses the role of leaders and the quality of the skills possessed in maintaining a financially sustainable municipality and ensuring effective service delivery in the Mandeni Municipality. The findings of this study reveal that a lack of competent leaders as well as corruption and poor management skills are some of the key aspects that affect effect the quality of the service delivery and financial sustainability in South African local governments. Therefore, key recommendations were made. These include, among other factors, the need for the Mandeni Municipality to train its leaders to improve the performance of the organisation. Furthermore, there is a need for the Mandeni Municipality to support its leaders through various ways that include financial and educational support, so that they can improve their skills.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.