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Women and their role in economic growth and development in the Cabhane area in Port Shepstone, South Africa.

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Women’s contribution to agriculture is seldom recognized in spite of their active involvement in the agriculture. This study was designed to probe into the extent to which women participate in agricultural and household activities in the Cabhane area in Port Shepstone. Both purposive and snowballing sampling techniques were used for the selection of study respondents. Out of the whole Cabhane, three valleys, namely, Mabhikili, Malukhakha and Velumemeze were purposively selected. From each of the selected valleys, 30 women were selected both from small and medium size families who were actively engaged in farm as well as household activities. The data was collected with the help of a validated interview schedule or questionnaire. The study revealed that women’s participation in agricultural activities such as crop production, banana plantation and livestock, was very high. In the livestock activities, women participation is highest in cleaning of animal sheds. The study revealed that participation in agriculture was mainly for providing households with economic security. The study also revealed that although the majority of Cabhane women are actively involved in agriculture and development some pressing problems still impinge on their participation.


Master of Social Science in Economic History. University of KwaZulu-Natal. Durban, 2016.