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The construction of a group test of cognitive processes for use in education.

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While there is increasing emphasis in education on the learning of intellectual processes, relatively little attention has been given to the rigorous assessment of these processes. An attempt was made to construct a group test which measured both specific processes of thinking as well as the general level of thinking attained at adolescence. Test Hems were modelled on Piagetian tasks as described by Elkind (1961b), Lawson and Renner (1974) and Shayer et a1. (1976). The test as a whole was considered to have acceptable face and content validity." Most items, as well as the test as a whole, showed low, but acceptable construct · validity for a research instrument. The reliability of the test in its present form was unacceptably low. Further development of the test is discussed as well as the implications which were raised for education.


Thesis (M.Sc.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1980.


Intelligence tests., Educational tests and measurements., Theses--Psychology.