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Exploring lecturers’ interpretation and implementation of the intended NCV mathematics curriculum at a TVET college in KwaZulu- Natal Durban.

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The aim of this study were to explore lecturers’ interpretation and implementation of the NCV Mathematics curriculum at a TVET college in KwaZulu Natal Durban. The researcher employed an interpretivist paradigm using a qualitative research approach so as to allow greater understanding of the lecturers’ interpretation and implementation of the curriculum. Data was generated using document analysis and semi-structured interviews. Document analysis was carried out in order to determine what should be taught in NCV Mathematics classroom, and how it should be taught. The semi-structured interviews addressed questions about lecturers’ understanding of the curriculum, their views about the purpose of the curriculum and the challenges they encounter implementing the curriculum. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, interviews were held online via Zoom. The analysis of the curriculum document revealed that NCV Mathematics curriculum is a structure of applied Mathematics, including problem solving and Mathematical modelling, with various contexts including real-life context. It is an integrated-type of curriculum that encourages learnercentred approach. The interviews have shown that lecturers harbour different views about the curriculum, where lecturers reported encountering challenges during its implementation. NCV Mathematics emerges as something unclear in terms of its purpose. Most of the lecturers argue that they don’t understand the purpose or the intentions of the curriculum designers, since this involves aspects that are difficult for students.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.