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Gender conflict amongst adolescents at the Rossburgh High School, Durban.

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In 1998 the Faculty of Community and Development Disciplines (CADD) embarked on a project to prevent and reduce crime involving school children. A needs assessment was conducted in the three schools where the project was to have its main focus. One of the problems that came out of the Rossburgh High School was the conflict that appeared to exist between male and female learners at the school. Male learners were observed to 'bully' their female counterparts. Given the high statistic of violence against women in South Africa, this seemingly 'small' problem could have relevance later on in the lives of these adolescents. In order to intervene successfully it was first necessary to understand the problem that existed. By means of focus groups male and female adolescents provided information around the phenomenon. From data obtained, it appeared that fighting was predominantly due to boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. The problem was explored in depth and recommendations were made with regards to intervention programmes and future research.


Thesis (M.Cur.)-University of Natal, 2000.


Bullying--South Africa., Sexual harassment in education--KwaZulu-Natal., Sex differences in education--KwaZulu-Natal., High school students--Durban., Theses--Nursing.