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Representation of disability in IsiZulu literary works.

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This research seeks to analyse the representation of disability in isiZulu literary works such as novels, drama, short stories, and poems. It identifies the types and causes of disability as portrayed in isiZulu literary works. Since certain types of disability are frequently depicted in isiZulu literature works while others are not, this research then seeks to identify types of disabilities that are most frequently depicted and those that are not frequently depicted in isiZulu literary works. It also identifies the causes of disability in characters. The research examines the attitudes of characters towards disability in isiZulu literary works. There are diverse attitudes towards disability; this includes the attitudes of the narrators, the attitudes of other characters, and the attitudes of characters living with a disability. Lastly, the research investigates the effects, and coping strategies of characters living with a disability. There are certain effects the characters with disability face, and there are diverse strategies they tend to employ to cope with those effects. The research also investigates those effects, and coping strategies employed by characters with disabilities in isiZulu literary works. This research uses the Qualitative research method. Qualitative research method is a method that is very important if the researcher aims at interpreting, and comprehending the world in which we lived. Qualitative research is a method of analysis used in many different academic disciplines particularly in the social sciences; but all qualitative researchers aim to gather an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and the underlying reasons that govern such behaviour. This research will use a Social Model of Disability theory to provide a proper analysis of aspects of disabilities on which isiZulu literary texts comment.


Master of Art in African Languages. University of KwaZulu-Natal. Pietermaritzburg, 2017.