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Collection development and use of non-book materials in university libraries in South Africa.

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Non-book materials have a unique role to play in university libraries of South Africa, as they re-inforce what has been learnt and facilitate presentation of subject matter to fulfil the needs of teaching and learning of institutions. The key problem of the study was that non-book materials though very important as sources of information like books, appear to be little or not used in South African university libraries. This may be caused by unclear policy presented in formal or informal collection development policies. The general aim of the study was to find out collection development practices, policies and use of non-book materials in South African university libraries. To this end the specific objectives were: To find out how non-book materials in university libraries are collected and maintained as part of teaching, learning and research. To get some understanding on the policies and patterns the university libraries follow in the development of non-book materials. To find out the manner in which non-book materials are funded and acquired. To find out the extent to which library orientation, instruction and user education cover non-book materials. The study therefore examined the collection development and usage of nonbook materials in university libraries of South Africa. All the South African university libraries except University of Zululand where the researcher works and is the AV-librarian were included in the study. The major method of study chosen was the survey method and the questionnaire was used for data collection. The methods of analysis used were the univariate and bi-variate methods and the basic type of statistics, the descriptive statistics. Libraries surveyed showed that they favoured non-book materials, and above all they do have the most NBM that are available in all formats. The study guided the researcher in making the following recommendations: The need for improvement of the NBM information services in libraries. That clear policies, whether written or not, for selection and acquisition of NBM be reviewed in libraries in South Africa. The role of NBM specialist is important and needs to be redressed. That the academic staff, library staff and students work together as a team and devise a program of library user education integrated with curriculum.


Thesis (M.I.S.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1999.


Academic libraries--South Africa--Collection development., Audio-visual materials--South Africa., Nonbook materials--South Africa., Theses--Information studies.